Naked Launches New Five Minute Noodles

04 September 2020

Our leading authentic snack brand, Naked, has announced the launch of its new ‘Naked Five-Minute Noodles’ on the hob format. It is the first time the Naked brand, has been available as an on the hob variant. Available from September 2020, ‘Naked Five-Minute Noodles’ are initially available in four exciting flavours and priced at £1 RSP. The product has been designed to inject much needed excitement into a category dominated by ‘bog standard’ flavours without compromising on convenience or health.

Four flavours are available at launch with Japanese Chicken Yakisoba, Singapore Curry and Korean BBQ all listed in Tesco from September. Thai Sweet Chilli flavour will launch exclusively into convenience stores from 17th September.

As with our other Naked products, Naked Five-Minute Noodles have been developed with a focus on delivering an authentic taste experience. Each SKU has under 2g of fat which is a real point of difference in a category where some competitors contain a massive 750% and 250% more fat and saturated fat respectively. Naked Five-Minute Noodles also beat competitor brands on calories and sugar content.

If just 1% of the leading instant noodle brand’s consumers switched to Naked Five-Minute Noodles, category health credentials would improve by 2.7m calories, 2.6m grams of fat, 6.3m grams of saturated fat or the equivalent 214k evening meals per year.

Christine Everett Head of Snacking at Symington’s, said: “On the hob has been booming in recent months so it feels like exactly the right time to launch this new format for our Naked Brand and continue the fantastic growth it has consistently delivered for us. Naked is now worth over £21m, and we’re confident that with the new occasions and consumers that OTH can deliver that growth is set to continue.

“NPD has long been a core focus of the Symington’s business and this new product has been subject to the same care and attention that our customers expect from us. That means it delivers the authentic taste consumers want, but absolutely ticks the boxes on convenience and stands out from the pack from a health perspective. It’s great for everything from a snack that can be made in no time or as the basis for an incredibly easy stir fry. The product performed extremely well in tests, so we look forward to seeing how it does in the market.”

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