Money Talks! We catch up with up with Group Financial Controller Julian Wetton

24 May 2021

What does the Financial team do within the business?

Finance is the glue that holds the other functions of the company together. Any area of the business that deals with anything with a monetary value, we will have a hand in. It really is all encompassing.

As a team we take the information about the business and use it to drive change without interrupting business or affecting the ability of the company to execute its strategy. We need to be connected to all areas of the business, working with every manager to look at cost vs. benefit of every area of expenditure or investment. Communication is key.

How has the pandemic effected the department and your role?

COVID-19 has changed the economic landscape and has meant the business as a whole has had to pivot and adapt. Quickly!  Pivoting the business plan where historical assumptions are no longer valid has required the team to develop a robust skillset.

As a team we were already well prepared when lockdown started last March. We had been working on ways to streamline processes and functions and were implementing efficiencies to help us work more flexibly. As with most people within the business, we all started working from home and have had to embrace new technologies and ways of working.

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