What happens at our Cross Green site?

25 November 2020

Steve Henderson, our Group Warehouse Manager & Distribution Manager at Cross Green tells us a bit more about what  happens there.

What happens at Cross Green?
Cross Green in Leeds takes in ingredients that are predominantly distributed to our Dartmouth Way manufacturing facility. We also receive finished goods for onward distribution from all of our manufacturing sites including bought in wet sauces, Ragu and
Chicken Tonight, from Holland. Raw materials and packaging arrive from across the UK and Europe; pasta from Belgium, rice and cous cous from France, flavourings from Switzerland and some ground based ingredients from Asia.

Proudest moment

I’ve been with Symington’s for 23 years and love my job. I’ve been fortunate to work with some fantastic people over the years.The team here at Cross Green has been particularly phenomenal during COVID-19
and I’m extremely proud of how we’ve managed to get everything out the door, with no missed loads. That takes teamwork throughout the supply chain. I’m particularly proud of how everyone has adapted to life outside of the factory gates and
continued to perform despite the distraction of the pandemic. A top effort all round!

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