All Taste, No Waste - A Deliciously Healthy Way to Help Our Planet

10 January 2022



Our new and improved Mug Shot sachets are now 100% recyclable, the first fully recyclable instant hot snack, making them the perfect lunch or snack choice for those keen to make more sustainable lifestyle choices and reduce their use of single use plastics. 

The redesign will help remove 37 tonnes of plastic a year. The popular brand made the changes with their customers desire for more environmentally-friendly packaging options front of mind, knowing how important it is to them to make considered choices when it comes to recyclability. The improved sachets still retain Mug Shot’s stand out features such as it’s widely recognised logo, bright vibrant packs and the all-important health information, outlining calorie and fat content to resonate with health-focused consumers.

Mug Shot has long been considered a top choice for those looking for a healthy and delicious lunch option or quick snack. With each flavour low in calories, less than 2% fat and absolutely no MSG nasties, it’s also the ideal fit for your January health kick. The sachet format is perfect for those who are all about convenience; ready in five minutes by simply adding boiling water so you can enjoy a tasty hot Mug Shot wherever you are. Perfect for busy lifestyles or for days when you don’t have time to meal-prep to keep you on track for your health goals.

Mug Shot is available in a range of delicious flavours such as traditional Chicken & Sweetcorn or comforting favourites such as Creamy Cheese.  


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