Building a sustainable future

We’re committed to creating a world that’s wonderful to live in for generations to come. Symington’s has been in business for over 190 years, and we want to do our part so we can all enjoy delicious, healthy and convenient food for many more years to come.

Reducing waste

One key step we’re taking in our quest for sustainability is to reduce the waste we produce. We use X-Ray equipment to reduce the amount of waste on our Consett production site, and we strictly control the materials and ingredients that are used in our products, meaning we only ever use what’s necessary. For any food waste that is produced, we turn into pig feed for our local farms to enjoy.

Recyclable packing

We know that packaging that can be reused and recycled is an important factor in making our business more sustainable. That’s why we’re committed to sourcing new types of recyclable packaging for our products. We’re aiming for 100% of our rigid plastics, corrugated packages and cartons to be made from fully recyclable packaging, and 10% of our flexibles.

We commit to working responsibly and ethically in everything that we do.

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