Symington’s Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2018

Posted on 04th Apr 2019

Symington’s Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2018

When calculating the difference in average earnings, the gender pay gap takes into account all jobs, at all levels and salaries within an organisation. This means the gender pay gap indicates the level of roles that women carry out in an organisation.
What do we report on?
From April 2018 the law requires legal entities with 250 or more employees to publish information every year on their gender pay gap. To do this we need to publish data that demonstrates:


We are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our business. We appoint people to roles based on merit and regardless of age, race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or religion and belief. We value the contribution made by all our employees and are committed to creating a workplace environment where they want to stay, progress and develop their career with us, and we will continue to support all employees across all roles to reach their potential. To add some context to the information that we are reporting it is useful to know that our workforce is currently 35% female and 65% male; and that all the data is based around a snap shot of April 2018.


This table demonstrates the gender pay gap across Symington’s for both hourly rates of pay and bonus. We are confident that all employees that do the same job are paid the same rate of pay regardless of gender. We can see in our gender pay gap for hourly pay that we are significantly less than the national average of 18.1%, we have also halved our gender pay gap since 2017. See below summary of our results versus the national average hourly pay:-

Both our median hourly rate and bonus payment is the same figure for both males and females, this demonstrates our commitment to ensuring all employees are paid equally regardless of their gender.



The table above demonstrates the proportion of men and women who received a bonus in the 12 months to the snap shot date (5th April 2018)



The figures above show the gender distribution at Symington’s across four equal sized quartiles (in this case 162 employees in each) from the highest to lowest earners. The top three quartiles are broadly comparative of our male and female split within the organisation.

Within the period we have made improvements in almost every area which demonstrates the commitment that we have made to diversity and inclusion across the business. The UK national average for the mean hourly pay Gender Pay gap is 18.1%, significantly higher than ours which for the period was 4%. We are proud of this fact and make a commitment to challenge this further in the future.
Within the next 12 months we will encourage more females to remain with and progress in the Company by widening our mentoring programme, continuing to enhance our support provisions for women returning from maternity leave and we will continue to utilise flexible working patterns across all aspects of the business. We will also conduct a full review of our recruitment and development practices to ensure that diversity and inclusion continues to be part of the fabric of the company.

We confirm that the information and data reporting is accurate as at the snapshot date of 5th April 2018.
John Power Chief Executive Officer
1st April 2019