Mug Shot

Mug Shot was launched into the UK soup market in 2001 providing a range of dried pasta, noodles and cous cous in a range of delicious savoury sauces. Perfect for that hunger pang at any time of the day. Mug shot is the ‘Snack you make in a Mug’!


In 2012 Mug Shot launched the new range ‘Mug Shot on the go!’ now in an convenient cup it is even easier to take your favourite Mug Shot with you. Simply add water and enjoy.




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Posted 15 hours ago

When your simple spaghetti dinner looks like a work of modern art... that's when you know! #ShouldveHadAMugShot
Posted 16 hours ago

This watermelon is looking pretty SNAPPY! Who knew fruit could be so much fun?
Posted 18 hours ago