Granose wins ‘Best Vegan Product Award’ at the first ever Veggie Awards

Posted on 17th Jan 2010

Granose wins ‘Best Vegan Product Award’ at the first ever Veggie Awards

With top supermarkets expanding their vegetarian ranges, and new products constantly being released into the meat-free market, Cook Vegetarian felt it was about time to recognise the abundance of quality products available to those of us who choose not to eat meat and fish; and so the Veggie Awards were born!


Here is the feature put together by the Cook Vegetarian team on Granose Falafel Mix, The best Vegan Product of the Year!


Cook Vegetarian
January 2010


Falafel has always been on of our favourite foods, but now we’ve discovered this divine packet mix, it’s become a regular fixture on our vegan menus! Super easy to make, you simply soak the mixture in water for five minutes, shape into balls and shallow or deep fry for around three minutes, meaning you go from packet to wonderfully fresh-tasting falafel in no more than 10 minutes! The balls go lovely and crisp on the outside, are juicy and moist on the inside and are full of herby flavour and crunchy onion. This beats shop bought falafel any day of the week.


Symington’s would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the team who worked on this project, especially the New Product Development team who have developed yet another great product for our portfolio!