Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you would like to ask us a question, find out more information about a certain product, or inquire about our nutritional information, please contact us via the contact page.

Where can I buy Symington's table cream from?

Although this has the same name as Symingtons, this product is not manufactured by Symington's.

Where can I buy Symington's Simmer Soup?

Unfortunately, Symington's Simmer Soup has been discontinued.

Can consumers purchase directly from Symington’s?

Unfortunately we can't offer this service for all our products as we don’t have the facilities across all our sites. You can buy a range of our wet products from the following websites:

Where can I buy Creamola Rice pudding from?

Symington's no longer manufactures Creamola Rice pudding and therefore it will not be available for purchase. Symington's bought the Creamola brand name from Nestle but unfortunately Symington's has never manufactured this product.

Where can I buy Symington's Dandelion Coffee?

This product is no longer produced by Symington's. However, we believe it can be purchased from Lanes Health (Tel: 01452 524 012).

Where can I find specific nutritional information relating to your products?

All of our products carry the nutritional information relating to the product on the packaging. However if you require more detailed product information please feel free to get in touch with us by using the contact us form.

I do not understand the nutritional calculations on the packaging as they do not add up. Are they wrong?

We can assure you that the Nutritional Information for all our products is correct. Nutritional information is carried out by analysis using an accredited laboratory. Please check if the nutrition stated on pack is given for Cooked or Uncooked Product. If cooked, the weight of a portion will be more than the dry weight stated on the packaging.

Who do I contact if I have any particular queries / comments about a particular product?

We always appreciate comments/feedback on our products. Please feel free to get in touch with us using the contact us form and a member of our customer service team will contact you.

Can I submit an idea for a new product / variant to an existing product?

Yes, we always welcome suggestions. You can get in touch with us using the contact us form

Where are your products produced?

All of the products that Symington's manufacture are made in our sites across Leeds, Bradford and Consett, England.

What is the average shelf life of your products?

On average all of our products have a shelf life of between 9 and 18 months. Specific use by and best before dates can be found on the product packaging.

If I have a problem with a product what should I do?

Symington's never want any of our consumers to experience a poor product, but if you do we suggest you follow the next steps:
1. Complete the Consumer feedback form on our 'Contact Us' page and try to advise us as much information as possible.
2. Please remember to keep all relevant product and it's information so that we can carry out a full investigation,
3. If you are in doubt of the of the information to advise us please state this on the form and a member of Symington's Customer Service Team will contact you directly to advise.

Is this product gluten free?

If Wheat, Barley, Oats or Gluten is not stated under the Heading of Allergy Advice, then the product does not contain Gluten.

Can I submit a recipe idea that involves using one of your products?

Yes, we are always on the lookout for new recipes that involve our products. You can send us a recipe using the contact us form

How do I find out about new product releases?

To find out about new Symington's product releases, please see our 'Featured Launch' Section by clicking here or visit the individual brand websites. Links to these sites can be found on the brand page by clicking here

Where can I purchase Bonne Cuisine Madeira Wine Gravy Mix?

Unfortunately Bonne Cuisine Madeira Wine Gravy Mix has been discontinued.

What’s happened to Ragu Traditional?

Ragu Traditional has been discontinued in place of this product is Ragu Traditional Chunky. The new recipes have been significantly improved vs. previous products and packed full of more tomatoes and flavour.

Where can I purchase Ragu Herb and Wine Sauce?

Unfortunately the Ragu Herb and Wine Sauce has been discontinued.

Is Ragu White Lasagne Sauce suitable for Vegetarians?

We can confirm that the whey powder in the cheese powder is of animal origin, this animal is cow. This product is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans as the cheese powder was produced using animal (cow) rennet.

Is the Quinoa in your product already pre-rinsed with water, or do we need to rinse it ourselves to wash off the saponin?

The Quinoa is thoroughly cleaned to remove any saponin and dried so there is no need for you to rinse.

Does your Granose Soya Mince contain Gluten?

We have updated the packaging for this product to now state Gluten as an Allergen. This is based upon the most up to date information we have from the supplier of the Soya. The gluten is present at a very low level up to 100 parts per million. This change took place at the beginning of April 2012.

Does the Vegetable Oil you use contain Palm Oil?

Palm oil has become a popularly used vegetable oil in not only foods but also in soaps, cosmetics and fuels. One of the many reasons it is widely used is that it produces at between 4 -10 times more oil than other vegetables.

Removing palm oil from products would be a very short term solution to improving the social and ethical issues associated with its use. The palm oil would be replaced by other vegetable oils that would require much larger amounts land to grow the same quantity. This would create similar issues but potentially of a greater magnitude than seen with the use of palm oil.

As a responsible manufacturer we recognise this and by choosing our Granose products you are sure that it contains RSPO certified palm oil. The use of certified sustainable palm oil through the RSPO will help support their global aim of making sustainable palm oil the norm.

Do Symington’s use GM Ingredients?

Symington’s do not purchase or use any Genetically Modified ingredients.

Please can you tell me if your products sold in the UK are Halal certified?

Symington’s do not manufacture any products including Campbell’s to meet Halal Certification requirements

Why do you not show imperial amounts, in brackets, alongside the metric amount

Symington’s policy regards declaring Metric and Imperial measurements used to include both on the packaging. In line with UK retailers and other food manufacturing companies, Symington’s policy is now to only declare Metric.

Do Symington’s products contain nuts

Symington’s do not use or manufacture any products that contain Nuts or Nut Derivatives. Some of our Raw Material suppliers do handle Nuts on their sites and it may be necessary to put a May Contains statement on products that contain such ingredients. All our products display Allergy Advice on the packaging when they do contain Allergens as this is a legal requirement. It is best to look for this Allergy Advice so you can find out if there is a May Contains statement regards the presence of Nuts.

How much potassium are in your products?

Unfortunately we do not know what the Potassium values are for any of our products as it is not a requirement to state Potassium as part of the Nutrition Information. To assist with this question you can buy or locate in your local library a book called ‘The Composition of Food by McCance & Widdowson’s’. This book lists the nutrition details for a very wide range of foods and includes Potassium values.

Where can I purchase Chicken Tonight Creamy Peppercorn Sauce?

Unfortunately Chicken Tonight Creamy Peppercorn Sauce has been discontinued.You can view the complete Chicken Tonight range on our website.

Where can I purchase Chicken Tonight Internationally?

Unfortunately we do not have a licence to export internationally, please look on Unilever’s website they should be able to assist you.

Could you confirm whether your Chicken Tonight contains any artificial flavouring?

We confirm that the Chicken Tonight range of products do not contain any artificial flavourings.

Why has the Naked Noodle packaging and recipe changed?

We have recently made changes to the recipe and packaging as part of our ongoing commitment to improve the quality and taste of our product, the recipes were fully evaluated through consumer testing.

Is the Granose range suitable for vegans?

The Granose range of products are declared as suitable for vegetarians on pack. We choose not to declare on pack that is suitable for vegans due to manufacturing methods however the products do not contain any animal products.

Where can I buy Ainsley Harriott Hungarian Goulash?

Unfortunately Hungarian Goulash has currently been delisted from the 5 main retailers.