Cross Green Warehouse Extension Opened

Posted on 27th May 2015

Cross Green Warehouse Extension Opened

On Friday 22nd May, our Cross Green warehouse extension was officially opened by David Salkeld, CEO.

The extension was conceived in 2010 and planning permission granted in 2012. Symingtons has operated with around 20% of its warehousing capacity outsourced, the additional warehouse space will enable us to bring the vast majority of this external storage back in-house. By using the existing space on site we have been able to extend the warehouse with a fifth bay increasing the racked capacity on site from 18k pallet spaces to 24k pallet spaces.

The new extension will deliver a large reduction in external storage costs, an increase in stock accuracy and also mean that more of Symington’s stock is handled by Symington’s colleagues. A number of vital statistics associated with the new warehouse are as follows;

–          1500 Cubed material / concrete removed from site

–          75% labour on site from within 20 miles of site

–          Racking travelled over 800 miles from Spain

–          8 nationalities worked within the workforce

–          100 tonnes of steel frame

–          5000 cubic meters of concrete laid

–          3000 tonnes of stones imported

–          Building 13mts in height

–          20 different trades involved with the build

–          168 staff involved from start to end

–          All this was completed within the 20 week timescale

Delivery of the project would not have been possible without the help of a number of key partners:

–          Fox Lloyd Jones

–          Walker Morris

–          Leeds City Council

–          Aberdeen Asset Management

–          Trident

–          KPP Limited

–          Stainforth Construction Limited

–          AR Racking

This has been a great example of the Symington’s vision and values, a project benefiting Symington’s, employing more Symington’s colleagues, delivering a project within budget and timescales – a great team result supported by key partners, suppliers and the internal Symington’s team.

The team are now working on ensuring the projects to make the most of this extra space, are now delivered.