Symington’s Limited 2017 Gender Pay Report

Posted on 27th Mar 2018

Symington’s Limited 2017 Gender Pay Report

Here at Symington’s we are passionate about our people and about ensuring that all employment decisions relate to skills; competencies and abilities and that they are fair, equitable and inclusive.

As of 5 April 2017 we are required to publish data relating to the gender pay gap. We are committed to ensuring that our colleagues pay reflects the role that they do and the contribution that they make and that it is not determined by their gender, or any other non-relevant factors.

To add some context to the information that we are reporting it is useful to know that our workforce is currently 36% female and 64% male; and that all data is based around the snapshot date of 5 April 2017.

The figures that we are required to publish are:

  • Our mean gender pay gap;
  • Our median gender pay gap;
  • Our mean bonus gender pay gap;
  • Our median bonus gender pay gap;
  • The proportion of males receiving a bonus payment;
  • The proportion of females receiving a bonus payment; and
  • The proportion of males and females in each quartile pay band.

These are all shown below and can also be found by looking at the Government portal on 




The table demonstrates the gender pay gap across Symington’s for both hourly pay rates and for bonus payments.

Symington’s are confident that whilst there are some small gender pay gaps shown above that all colleagues that do the same job are paid at the same rate regardless of gender.













Each quartile contains around 175 employees. Whilst there are some differences in the numbers of men and women within each quartile the upper two are broadly comparative with our male/female split.

Symington’s are committed to continuing to work on improving their gender balance, which in turn will even out the balance of males and females within each quartile. To try and encourage more females to remain with and progress in the company an assessment will be undertaken to look at mentoring junior colleagues; women returning from maternity leave and the utilisation of flexible working patterns.

I confirm that the data reported is accurate.
John Power
Chief Executive

15 January 2018

Our Community

The Events Team comprises a number of Symington's colleagues who, on top of their day job, give their time to organise events throughout the year. Our events provide some fun to the hard working people of Symington's whilst raising money for our particular chosen Charity.

A few examples of our Events are listed below:

• Family Fun Day
• End of Year Party
• Children in Need
• Red Nose Day

Current members of the Events team are:

Olivia Hartley
Nicky Byers
Sam Rowland
Loraine West
Lewis Ward