Symington’s visit Leeds Grammar School

Posted on 23rd Apr 2013

Symington’s visit Leeds Grammar School

This week Symington’s have been taking part in Science week at Leeds Grammar schools Rose Court. It was a very exciting week for the children who were ages 3 to 7. They each had different projects to undertake and work on during the week for the big showcase of the results to the rest of their peers at the end of the week.

Some of the experiments that they were getting involved in were:

Yeast Experiments with Bread and Scones

Sensory experiments with Potatoes ( Linked to Inventor Walter Raleigh)

Jelly experiments (Linked to inventor Thomas Edison)

Tea Bag experiments (Linked to inventor Thomas Sullivan and Chinese Emperor Shen Nong)

The children also did taste testing experiments with Symington’s Mug Shots. They were presented with five clear bowls which were numbered and had the task of tasting the various flavours and guessing/ matching them up with the right packaging/pictures. The Mug Shots were not only a hit with the children but teachers too, who loved the fact that they were so low in fat but tasty snack.

Another discovery about Symington’s which both teachers and children got excited about was that all our products  are made in Leeds on their doorstep.

A great learning week had by all parties involved – they taught us a few things too.

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