Ainsley Harriott’s New Food Series Starts November

Posted on 09th Nov 2015

Ainsley Harriott’s New Food Series Starts November

LEN AND AINSLEY’S BIG FOOD ADVENTURE starts Monday 16th November at 3:45pm on BBC One! This great news series sees Len Goodman & Ainsley Harriott embark on a culinary road trip around Britain. There are ten episodes which are being screened every week day for two weeks.

Len enjoys his food – but the food he loves is good old-fashioned grub like his Nan used to make.

Whilst the rest of the country’s palates have rapidly broadened over the last few decades – taking on exciting new flavours, recipes and cooking techniques – Len’s taste buds have stayed firmly in the realms of the past. He’s never tried curry, eaten spaghetti and he even sees pizza as exotic! Luckily, Ainsley is on hand to act as Len’s guide and mentor, and to help Len discover foods he’s been missing out on. Travelling around in a street-food van, Len & Ainsley visit Britain’s most vibrant multi-cultural communities, where they’ll meet everyone from restaurateurs to street-food vendors to discover their best-loved dishes. Ainsley will also be cooking delicious new dishes for Len, inspired by the places they visit.

Ainsley Says; “I had such a great time filming with my mate Len Goodman earlier this summer. Convincing him to try some of the fantastic food available around the UK was huge fun and we met some amazing people on our travels. I even got to cook for the old rascal! Did he like my cooking more than my dancing? Find out when you tune in to “Len and Ainsley’s Big Food Adventure!” Enjoy!