About Symington’s LTD

We have been producing great tasting food for over 185 years, since William Symington founded the company in 1827 and shortly after applied for the patent to produce soup from Pea Flour. Our history travels via the Crimean war, via Gracie Fields advertising onto our present state.


We are a branded convenience food business that strongly believes convenience doesn’t mean compromise on taste. We produce the great tasting cup soup that keeps you warm on a rainy day; the couscous that makes your meal exotic; the baking kit that helps your kids take their first steps into baking; the croutons to make your salad special; the hot snack that transforms your lunch break and the pasta sauce made to Mama Cantisanos specification.


In short we try to help you live your life healthily and with full taste, but try to make it easy.


Here you can read a bit more about us.

A Brief History of Symington's

1827 - The Beginning

William Symington, a young canny Scot who was both a businessman and an inventor, moved to the Midlands in 1827 to make his fortune. He founded the original company selling Tea, Coffee and groceries.

William forged a company with the belief that he could transform the diets of people across the country through his passion for creating excellent dried foods that are also convenient to prepare.